Take one, share one: very simple!
Using the tabs on the left, post either something you have in your classroom that you don't need/use or something that you could use before asking for this item from your building's supply closet or school or department annual budget.

Absolutely NO technology should be "taken" or "shared" from its current location, and this is only WITHIN your own building. If there is an interest in moving supplies from one building to another (i.e.: likely with my humectant fluid going to the HS biology department) please contact your principal first.

This wiki is not for personal use, but for the relocation of existing school district resources for use in other school district capacities. Please enter your "share" or "take" in your building using your name, e-mail address, and room number or office. This process is fully self-monitored, so once an exchange takes place, please remove your own post.

At this point, TakeOneShareOne is only a concept, so until this wiki goes "live" (if it ever does) feel free to send any suggestions my way!